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Your hunt for professional Automotive washer manufacturers end here. Progressing at a steady pace, we at SBP Automotive, recognize ourselves as one of the leading Automotive Washers Exporter in India, manufacturing top-notch Copper, Aluminium, and steel washers across India. We are also the leading gasket and shim manufacturer in India with a family of 100+ happy customers belonging from leading Construction companies, Natural Gas & Petroleum, and Automotive industries.


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Gathering 12 years of veteran experience, SBP Automotive is one of the largest suppliers of Automotive washers across Australia, India, UK and USA, with an extensive catalog of products diversified to fit industrial needs at its best. Our primary goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, be it through quality assurance or versatile demand fulfillment.


Copper Washer

Washers might not be the integral parts of any machine but they are the glue that keeps a machine running smoothly. Without the right washers the adjoining metals may rub together leading to corrosion and rust. This often leads to nuts and bolts to come loose leading to the final demise and increased costs in repairing. All because of the lack of a tiny but crucial piece of metal that is necessary to keep

Aluminium Washer

Aluminium has been the standard metal for the aviation industry. Its lack in weight and increased malleability along with high heat and electricity conducting metallic properties makes it the most ideal metal for aircraft and other equipments that need strength and lower mass. Since its early days of use in the aircrafts, it has become an integral metal for all kinds of machinery and equipments.


Our experience in manufacturing industry standard gaskets has allowed us to serve some of the top companies across the world. Gaskets are mostly used in the automobile industry. They act as a spacer between 2 or more mating surfaces leading to prevent leaks from the adjoining joints. Our professionally built stamping press helps us make high quality gaskets in aluminium, bronze, steel and copper.


Shims are another tiny but integral parts in most machines. Typically made from materials like plastic, stone wood, metal, paper or materials depending on your requirements, they can also be made from aerospace, bronze, brass, mylar, copper and nylon. We specialize in manufacturing custom made shims for all types of machines and manufacturers across the country.

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