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Electric Vehicles are the future, and every year, automakers are adding more to the lineup. Using energy-efficient vehicles like electric and hybrid-electric ones will reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and improve public health, along with several cost-saving benefits.

But do you know what it takes to make these energy-efficient vehicles? It is an advanced technology, necessary infrastructure, and the best electric vehicle components.

At SBP Automotive, we have a strong technical team that understands the changing automotive landscape towards electric vehicles and gears up the automobile industry with the best copper and aluminium components. With an experience of 4 decades, our focus is always on delivering the best electric vehicle components to our clients.

Key Features

Being one of the prominent electric vehicle component suppliers in India, we understand the role played by copper and aluminium washers in EV technology. That’s why we always emphasize on manufacturing & supplying the best-in-class electric vehicle parts that possess features like:



The low density of Aluminium and Copper reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.


Robust Strength

The components possess high strength and have the ability to absorb energy in case of a crash.


High Performance

Their excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes them deliver the best performance.



Nothing can beat the durability that our EV components (copper & aluminum washers) offer.

Electric Vehicle Components

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is on the go, with automakers focusing on upgrading battery technology. The sale of electric vehicles has experienced an uprise, and the same is expected to reach higher numbers in the near future. The reason behind the increasing popularity of electric vehicles is their advanced technology, backed with the best EV components.

SBP Automotive, being one of the leading electric vehicle parts suppliers in India, takes pride in delivering the best EV components to the automotive industry. Our team of technical acrobats focus on designing the best quality and high-performing aluminium and copper components to boost the working of electric vehicles.

SBP Automotive Offers Washers, Shims, Small Components, and Other EV Accessories For All Your Automotive Needs

Working efficiently in the automotive industry for the last 40 years, we manufacture and supply a high-quality range of washers, shims, and gaskets. We are an ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certified company.

SBP Automotive manufactures copper washers, small copper components, aluminum washers, components, spring washers, and mild steel washers for OEMs. The company’s products are widely used by Tractor Manufacturers, Two-Wheeler Manufacturers, Marine Industry, and Earth Movers Manufacturers.

We also take bulk orders for different products and deliver them on time at competitive pricing.

With the current change in the market scenario, which shifted from IC engines to EV, we are fully geared up in line with the new market requirements and are happy to supply products to the new segment.

Crowd – Manufacturing

We do crowd-manufacturing for these sizes and can offer you at great prices. We also get Dacromet or Geomet coating done from licensed applicators.

Alternatively, we can also supply with Trivalent electroplating, also eco-friendly in line to Euro Norms. Our most common sizes

which are mostly available off the shelves are as follows

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SBP Automotive has earned a reputation of being the best Automotive Components Manufacturer in India. With a vast experience of 4 decades, we are taking our legacy forward by providing the highest quality electric vehicle components to our customers.


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