Shim ManufacturerShims are another tiny but integral parts in most machines. Typically made from materials like plastic, stone wood, metal, paper or materials depending on your requirements, they can also be made from aerospace, bronze, brass, mylar, copper, and nylon. SBP auto is a leading shim manufacturer & exporter and also specializes in manufacturing custom-made products for all types of machines and manufacturers across the country.

Custom Shims to meet your needs.

Our expertise allows you to create any kind of shim depending on the type of material used and the quality expected of them. We ensure that all our shims have the exact requirements ranging from quality, tolerance, material, size, shape and other parameters as per your expectations. Therefore, creating custom shims with expected quality are no longer a pain point for your business. SBP automotive is certified shim supplier & manufacturer across the globe.

What is a Shim?

We have served major companies from across the globe in industry ranging from automotive to airline and other major manufacturing processes. Thus, it allows us to the necessary flexibility and quality of production necessary to serve all the numerous industries. We already have numerous shims in our warehouses that should be suitable for your requirements. If you need any modifications to the same or custom-built designs for your specific requirements, our experts shall guide you through the whole process leading you to find and finalize the best possible shims for your products. We have also built Aircraft Shims, Ultra-Thin Shims, Unique Shims, Non-Standard Shims, Specialty Shims, Steel Shims, Precision Shims, Special Shims, etc for product designs from all over the globe. Thus, you can rely on our expertise to help you create the best possible shims at the lowest costs possible.

Other Common Terms for Shims:

Aircraft Shims, Non-Standard Shims, Precision Shims, Special Shims, Specialty Shims, Steel Shims, Ultra Thin Shims, Unique Shims

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