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SBP Automotive takes pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of steel washers/stainless steel flat washers, offering stainless steel that provides good resistance to corrosion and rust. Our esteemed professionals with years of experience provide the best products and services in washers that allow your machinery to have a good operating life.

For more than 40 years, SBP has served a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mining, engineering, and a lot more. It has boasted 1000+ customers and continues to do so in providing the best industry solutions. Being a leading manufacturer of steel washers/stainless steel washers & ss washers in India and around the world, we take pride in fulfilling our customers’ demands.

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At SBP Automotive, we offer steel washers that fulfil your requirements. Being India’s premier custom steel washer manufacturer with a family of happy customers from leading construction firms, we entail in providing the best in the market.

We are a one-stop solution for all your industrial and commercial needs-

  • Quality assurance
  • 12+ years of trusted service
  • 1000+ satisfied customers
  • Leading manufacturer and supplier of washers
  • Trained professionals
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Our production unit is equipped with advanced machinery and professional expertise that helps us manufacture and deliver high-quality washers at the most affordable price. We are specialized in manufacturing numerous types of washers in different sizes and shapes so that our customers can easily get the ones they need. If you are looking for the right washers for your heavy-duty machines, then we have got you covered.

Our experts understand your requirement for a specific type of washer and customize the same it a way that the results ideally fit into your requirements. We already have more than a hundred washers design stocked with us so that our customers can fulfill their demands in no time. In case you are able to find the ones you need, provide us your specifications and we manufacture and deliver the washers as quickly as possible....

Heat-Treated Steel

Also known as hardened washers, because the steel is hardened more than the natural state during the process, Heat treated steel helps in making more fracture-resistant steel.

Industries That Use Steel

Many industries like the railways need to withstand the pressure generated due to the high traffic they cater to every day. For this purpose, they use steel washers which provide them with the required durability and reliability in extreme situations.

Steel washers offer the necessary flexibility and sturdiness blended with the ability to withstand the dynamic weather situations. With amazing natural properties and transformational changes after the heat treatment, steel washer has enormous benefits for its users.

At SBP automotive, customer oriented manufacturing is done, so don’t wait more and call us for a personified experience.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Our production unit is equipped with advanced machinery and professional expertise to manufacture and deliver high-quality washers at affordable prices. We specialize in manufacturing various types of washers in different sizes and shapes, ensuring our customers find the perfect match for their requirements. Whether you need washers for heavy-duty machines or specific applications, we have got you covered.

Our experts understand your unique requirements and customize washers to perfectly fit your needs. With more than a hundred washer designs stocked, we can fulfill your demands promptly. In case you need custom washers, provide us your specifications, and we will manufacture and deliver them swiftly.

Heat-Treated Steel for Added Durability

Heat-treated steel, also known as hardened washers, undergoes a process where the steel is hardened beyond its natural state, resulting in more fracture resistance. This makes heat-treated steel washers ideal for industries like railways, which require durability and reliability in extreme situations.

Versatility Across Industries

Types of Washers

Our wide range includes three main types of washers:

  • Plain Washers (plain, fender, penny, spherical, anchor plate, torque)
  • Spring Washers (Belleville, curved disc spring, wave washers)
  • Locking Washers (spring lock, toothed lock, serrated washers)

Stainless Steel Washer Uses

Washers are used in a wide variety of industries for various purposes


railways, infrastructure, appliances, buildings, bridges


engine components, brake systems, electrical systems


pipelines, mining, shipbuilding


ground support equipment, fastening systems

Heavy Equipment

stabilizing furniture legs, protecting surfaces

Home Furnishings

friction reduction, vibration reduction

We Can Also Customize Steel Washers as Per Users Requirements

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