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Steel washers or stainless-steel washers are generally used to distribute the load between 2 metal surfaces evenly. Thus, they have the necessary features to absorb the pressure on both sides of the plate ensuring that the metals and equipment’s function as required. Our expertise in creating metal washers ranging from copper, aluminium to steel allows us the flexibility to manufacture any custom washer you might need for your machines.

Steel washers can be used in heavy-duty machinery where their properties of strength and absorption allow machines to function smoothly. Copper and Aluminium washers are necessary only when there is a need for high conductivity for heat and electricity while Steel washers are ideal for strength related applications.


Why Steel?

When you’re looking for a Best steel washer suppliers & manufacturer, SBP Automotive is the best option for you. We are capable to supply large quantities of steel washers to our customers at a very reasonable cost in all over India. We’ve successfully built hundreds of types of washers of all major types, shapes and sizes to match client requirements and thus we understand your requirements perfectly. Thus, you can rely on us to create reliable steel washers for your heavy-duty machines so they match your exact performance requirements. Our experts can help you find the right combination of washer’s design along with the materials ideal for manufacturing the washers for your machines. Their extensive experience across the industry ensures that they can understand your precise requirements and suggest you better or ideal alternatives to your requirements. We already have hundreds of washer designs in our warehouses and therefore there is a high probability that you will find your required design already in stock with us. If not then we shall manufacture and deliver in the quickest time possible to ensure that your manufacturing process doesn’t get delayed.

Heat-Treated Steel

Also known as hardened washers, because the steel is hardened more than the natural state during the process, Heat treated steel helps in making more fracture-resistant steel.

Industries That Use Steel

Many industries like the railways need to withstand the pressure generated due to the high traffic they cater to every day. For this purpose, they use steel washers which provide them with the required durability and reliability in extreme situations.

Steel washers offer the necessary flexibility and sturdiness blended with the ability to withstand the dynamic weather situations. With amazing natural properties and transformational changes after the heat treatment, steel washer has enormous benefits for its users.

At SBP automotive, customer oriented manufacturing is done, so don’t wait more and call us for a personified experience.

Types of Washers

There are three main types of washers:



These are your standard varieties, including plain, fender, penny, spherical, anchor place, and torque.



Belleville, curved disc spring, wave washers all fall under this category.



Split and spring lock washers as well as toothed lock, serrated washers are included in this category. (Note: Phoenix Specialty does not offer traditional split/lock washers, but we do offer serrated washers.)

Washers are used in a wide variety of industries for various purposes:



for railways, infrastructure, appliances, buildings, bridges





for pipelines, mining, shipbuilding




Heavy equipment


Home furnishings


And others

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