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Steel Washers/Stainless steel flat washers are mainly used in fastener assemblies to evenly spread the pressure from the head of a bolt to a broader surface area. When a bolt is tightened, more pressure is put on the material’s surface, causing damage or making the bolt insert deeper into the surface. To eliminate such situations, washers are used. They prevent pull-through as well as damage to the soft materials.

At SBP Automotive, you can choose from a wide range of options and even customize washers to meet your production requirements. Along with acting as a flush surface for a nut and bolt head to tighten against, these washers can also be used as spacers to fill up the excess space between the surface and the bolt head. Every type of steel washer has a different function that allows your machinery to have a good operating life.

Apart from this, the washers are made from stainless steel and provide good resistance to corrosion and rust. They possess high strength that helps them to prevent accidental loosening of fasteners due to vibrations and hold the assembly in place.

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When you’re looking for a Best steel washer suppliers & manufacturer, SBP Automotive is the best option for you. We are capable to supply large quantities of steel washers to our customers at a very reasonable cost in all over India.
Our production unit is equipped with advanced machinery and professional expertise that helps us manufacture and deliver high-quality washers at the most affordable price. We are specialized in manufacturing numerous types of washers in different sizes and shapes so that our customers can easily get the ones they need. If you are looking for the right washers for your heavy-duty machines, then we have got you covered.

Types of Washers

There are three main types of washers

Plain Washers

These are your standard varieties, including plain, fender, penny, spherical, anchor place, and torque.

Spring Washers

Belleville, curved disc spring, wave washers all fall under this category.

Locking Washers

Split and spring lock washers as well as toothed lock, serrated washers are included in this category. (Note: Phoenix Specialty does not offer traditional split/lock washers, but we do offer serrated washers.)

Stainless Steel Washer Uses

Washers are used in a wide variety of industries for various purposes


For railways, infrastructure, appliances, buildings, bridges



Heavy Equipment


For pipelines, mining, shipbuilding

Home Furnishings

We Can Also Make Steel Washers as Per Users Requirements

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