Types of Spring Washers and Their Uses

Types of Spring Washers and Their Uses

Threaded fasteners work better when accompanied by washers. The tiny, round pieces of metal have a lot to offer when it comes to securing the fasteners (like nuts and bolts) in place and protecting the mating surfaces from damages.

There are different types of washers available in the market, and going for the right ones can ensure the excellent working of your machinery and equipment. Between the wide range of washers, there is one type of washer that has gained immense appreciation from the customers, and that is Spring Washers.

Spring washers are spherical in shape with a hole in the middle. Their axial flexibility makes them serve their purpose in mechanical assemblies. They prevent nuts & bolts from loosening due to vibrations and keep the mating surfaces intact for longer.

In addition to keeping the nuts & bolts tight and tense, the washers absorb higher shock loads and boost the capacity of the mechanical assemblies. The category of spring washers includes multiple washers that differ based on their size and design so that you can go for the one that fits your industrial requirements.

Spring washers can withstand heavy shock loads that make their utilization possible in several industries, including aerospace, automobile, construction, and others. They possess excellent tensile strength and act as spacers between the threaded fastener and the material to prevent damage and secure a safe working environment. The washers are also used in water pipelines to ensure a leakage-proof seal.

Types of Spring Washers:

Curved Spring Washers

The washers are ideal for industrial applications that involve larger deflection and lighter loads. As the name implies, the washers are slightly curved and can return to their original shape to secure the fasteners in place. They are designed to serve their purpose for a longer time than usual. You can get these washers in different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. They ensure a smooth mating surface and strengthen the workability of your manufacturing unit. The curved spring washers are rust-resistant, and when it comes to ensuring workplace safety, investing in them can be the best course of action.

Finger Spring Washers

These washers are the perfect gear you can use to dampen the vibrations, noises, and excessive wear of your machinery and equipment. Finger spring washers reduce skidding wear on rotating applications and ensure the flawless processing of the mechanical applications. They are designed with a split construction and protruding flanges so that they can distribute the load evenly.

Belleville Spring Washers

Also goes by the name conical washers, Belleville Spring Washers are known for their excellent load-bearing and shock absorption capabilities. They can handle strong vibrations and compensate for joint expansion & contraction and span holes owing to which are used in different industrial applications. In addition to this, the washers ensure high tension in nuts and screw assemblies. They can even be combined to boost their load-bearing capacity.

Helical Spring Washers

If you want to ensure the highest safety in your manufacturing unit, along with reducing the risk of loosening of the assembly components, going for the helical spring washers can be the best practice. They are manufactured from strong materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy that make them resistant to excessive wear even under high-speed applications. In addition, the washers also distribute the load of fasteners over a larger surface and ensure consistent torque.

Dome Spring Washers

When it comes to choosing washers with high load-bearing capacity, going for the Dome Spring washers can turn into one of your best decisions. These washers serve their application in a range of industrial applications and ensure the smooth operation of all your processes.

Wrapping up

Spring washers are the hardware that remains unnoticed until the requirement of incorporating the best washers comes into the picture. They are used in a wide range of applications and make a big difference in ensuring the excellent working of different equipment and machines.

The types of spring washers mentioned above can be easily found in the market so that you can buy the one that helps you boost the productivity of the manufacturing unit. They have a longer lifespan and save your equipment and machinery from damages, along with reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

With these washers at your disposal, you can complete your projects on time and give your ROI a boost.

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