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Copper Washers

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    We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of Copper Washers.

    Copper Washers are one of the most integral parts of any machine, which, most of the time, left unnoticed. They are the tiny pieces of hardware that ensure the smooth running of a machine. Without the right washers, the adjoining metals will rub together, resulting in corrosion and rust. The same will also result in the loosening of nuts and bolts and become the cause of injuries and increased repair costs. All this because of the lack of a tiny yet crucial piece of metal, called copper sealing washers.

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    Copper Washers
    Copper Washers
    Copper Washers

    Copper Crush Sealing Washers Uses


    We specialize in making custom-made copper washers for every industry helping manufacturers deliver smoothly running machines that last for lifetimes. We’ve manufactured and provided washers for Motorbike engines, Industrial Machines, Tractor Engine, Earth Movers & Railways Braking Systems. Our extensive experience and expertise go beyond traditional washer manufacturing leading to a trusted relationship with our customers.

    A Complete Array of Copper Washers


    A vast range of washers is available, like well-annealed (Soft) copper crush washers, range of copper gaskets for the marine industry, and so on, that customers can avail them in different sizes and specifications to meet their exact needs. Our experienced professionals leave no stone unturned to provide the best to our clients.

    Affordable Price

    What can be better than getting high-quality copper washers at the industry-leading prices? When it comes to finding the right copper washers, it’s crucial that their price matches your budget. This is why we deliver the best copper washers at accurate and affordable prices. You just need to let us know about the quantity you require, and our team will shortly get back to you with accurate price quotes. At SBP Automotive, our aim is to provide higher value at the most lower-cost possible. 

    Washers for your every need

    Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of copper sealing washers, we never compromise on the quality of our products. The washers we offer are highly malleable and ductile that helps them to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions. You can even get your washers customized as per your specific requirements.

    Prompt Delivery

    Our production unit is equipped with advanced machines, and we use the latest manufacturing methods to meet our customers’ orders on time. If we already have washers in stock that you need, we can deliver the same to you within a day’s time. In the case of custom washers and the washers that are not in stock, we require around two weeks’ time to manufacture and deliver the same to you. We don’t let you wait long to build your machinery or make some repair. 

    We are one of the fastest delivery companies in our domain and always committed to providing our clients the best. You can also take the assistance of our expertise to design your custom washers and make the right decisions to move your business towards success.

    How We Care

    SBP Automotive is one of the leading copper washer manufacturer & suppliers to Major OEM’s. Our copper washers showcase extensive natural properties of malleability and ductility that help us create custom shapes and sizes based on the client’s specifications. Their ductility allows them to withstand pressures for longer periods thereby increasing their longevity.

    Worldwide Delivery

    With our state-of-the-art machinery and latest processing methods, it takes us days instead of months to create custom washers as per your requirements. Without extensive clientele, there is a huge probability that you can find most types of common washers already stocked with us ready to be delivered. In the case of custom washers and washers not in stock, we often make deliveries in less than 2 weeks allowing you to build your machinery without any delays or performance decrements. It makes us the fastest delivery company in the industry thereby showcasing our commitment to our client. Our experts can help you with the custom designs you’re looking for and help you make the right decisions based on their industry experience.

    Our delivery professionals ensure prompt delivery all over India (Our major Locations,  Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad), USA (United State), UK (United Kingdom), and European countries.

    ID (Inside Diameter) MM
    OD (Outside Diameter) MM
    6 10 1
    8 12 1
    8 14 1
    10 14 1
    12 16 1.5
    14 18 1.5
    16 20 1.5
    16 22 1.5
    18 24 1.5
    20 26 1.5
    22 27 1.5
    22 28 1.5
    24 30 3
    12 18 1.5
    10 17 1.5
    14 20 1.5
    14 20 2
    28 36 1.5
    8 14 1.5
    14 18 1.5
    18 24 1.5
    8.5 16 1
    12 17 1.2

    We Can Also Make Copper Washer as Per Users Requirements

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