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Spring Washers are the most commonly used part that ensures a precise assembly of different components of a machine. The spherical pieces of hardware have axial flexibility that prevents the loosening of nuts & bolts and locks them to the joint. Their primary purpose is to absorb shock and dampen the vibration on large machines. With spring washers, you can minimize the risk of damage to your machinery and ensure their hassle-free performance for a long time.

SBP Automotive is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spring steel washer. We emphasize more on the quality and durability of our products that helped us to meet the requirements of our clients continually. With decades of experience in manufacturing diverse kinds of spring washers, including wave spring washers, Spring Lock Washer, and Belleville Spring Washers, we have created custom spring washers for some major product manufacturers and are still continuing to serve their needs. When it’s about getting the best quality washers, our range has no competition.

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At SBP Automotive, you can easily choose from a vast gamut of spring washers. In case you have any specific requirements, we also offer custom washers that will stand perfectly on the specifications provided.

Spring steel washers are high carbon and low alloy steel that possess a high yield strength, which makes them suitable for many industrial applications. They can withstand the stress of bending and twisting without getting broken and can even be brought back to their original shape. This thing makes them an ideal choice for applications that need a certain amount of flexibility. With these washers, you can make your machines work flawlessly for years.


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With the best in class materials and technologies, the customized Spring Steel Washers made by SBP automotive are sure to fulfill all your requirements.


Stamping is a manufacturing process in which flat metal sheets are converted into multiple shapes using various metal forming designs and techniques.


Laser Cutting

A fast, reliable, and efficient method of producing non-standard OD’s and ID’s which, as a result, eliminates the need to build tooling. With high cutting speed, we are able to deliver products on time and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Wire Edm Cutting

This method is used to cut metals with high tolerance that cannot be cut or shaped with other tools.

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At SBP Automotive, we ensure the timely and secure delivery of your order. If you need prompt delivery, our Emergency Delivery Service will deliver your order within 24 hours. You can even schedule your delivery as per your preferred time and date.

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