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Washers have played an important role in all kinds of machinery by reducing damage to materials and corrosion. Steel washers stand out among the rest for their quality and durability. We’re a leading spring steel washer supplier and manufacturer in India with decades of experience in manufacturing across industries and clients all over the world. We have had the opportunity to create spring steel washers for some of the major product manufacturers and continue to enjoy our relationship with them. Therefore, you can rest assured that the quality of our washers is above par as compared to the ones available in the market.

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Designs are tailor-made to deliver to your specific requirements. Quality is always kept in mind while manufacturing.

Spring steel washers are high carbon and low alloy steels that are very well suites for most industrial applications. With their wide range of applications across industries, they’re used in all types of machines to ensure that they work flawlessly for decades. Washers generally have a limited lifetime and have to replaced every now and then to ensure that the machines don’t corrode themselves during operations. Spring steel washers have the properties necessary to allow machines to function flawlessly for decades before any replacement is necessary.

Spring steel washers are mainly used for shock absorption and vibration in large equipment’s. They’re primarily used in the aerospace, military and electric motor industries. They have the best features necessary to build all kinds of machines ranging from low-performance ones to the high-performance ones thereby increasing their ability to increase the lifetime of operations. Our expertise in manufacturing allows us to build spring steel washers of your required specifications for any industry. Our commitment to our clients ensures that we deliver timely and use the industry standard tools for manufacturing the tools necessary for the job.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

With the best in class materials and technologies, the customized Spring Steel Washers made by SBP automotive are sure to fulfill all your requirements.



For large quantities, the method of stamping is world famous. At SBP Automotive, it is made more efficient. Parts remain consistent and highly repeatable during the production process combined with our advanced process of customization and innovation. To attain a non-stop production process, a large inventory of standard OD, ID, and ring dies is maintained which also helps in reducing costs and eliminating extra tooling charges.


Laser cutting

A fast and efficient method of producing nonstandard OD’s and ID’s which as a result eliminates the need to build tooling. Timely delivery and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Water jet cutting

Materials like red metals and laminated materials that can’t be laser cuts are cut through this technique which has the potential to cut materials up to 6” thick with the help of our highly efficient CNC controlled water jet cutting machinery.


Wire EDM cutting

For complex materials that can’t be cut or shaped via other tools and have a tight tolerance, this method is a game changer.


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Timely and secure delivery of your order is on us. For urgent orders, our Emergency Delivery Service is a life savior facility which promises to deliver within 24 hrs. You can also lock your preferred delivery date by informing us in advance.

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